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TV Audio Streaming on Smartphones

A simple, FREE AppAudio download from the iTunes or Google Play store enables your patrons to enjoy TV audio on their Apple or Android devices from television monitors installed anywhere in your facility. They listen while you build relationships and grow sales with the FREE AppAudio Mobile Marketing platform.

AppAudio® Features and Benefits

  • Easy patron AppAudio downloads from the iTunes or Google Play store provide mobile TV audio listening throughout your facility.
  • Analytics Reporting total number of users, number of times used, channels listened and more.
  • The exclusive, feature-packed and totally FREE AppAudio Mobile Marketing service enables you to increase sales and patron engagement with direct marketing on their smartphones. Upload promotional banners, special offers, menus, schedules and more using the secure AppAudio online platform.
  • Exclusive technology provides seamless AppAudio integration with MYE, AppAudio or other TV audio transmitters.
  • Integrate AppAudio into your own app – AppAudio provides two options to easily integrate into your own app. Contact us for details.

AppAudio is covered by US Patent 8,495,236. Additional US Patents Pending.

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The AppAudio Assistive Listening System

With AppAudio TV audio streaming and Wi-Fi, your patrons enjoy great sound, turning their smartphone into an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) to complement, extend, or replace outdated 20th century analog technologies such as Loop, RF, FM or IR. No need to tear up your carpet or run wiring. Use conventional Wi-Fi to distribute sound to the patron’s Apple or Android devices for a faction of old-style system costs.

“Since we installed AppAudio things have been stellar. The learning curve for our members was minimal and the operation is wonderful. I cannot tell you how many members have thanked me for getting this installed. The AppAudio system is excellent.”