Fully Customizable Marketing Features

The exclusive, feature-packed and totally FREE AppAudio Mobile Marketing enables you to increase sales and motivate your clients with direct marketing on their smartphones. Upload your logo, your promotional banner ads, special offers, schedules and more using the secure AppAudio online portal.

Welcome Ad

A Welcome Ad or Video is the first thing your customers see each time the app is opened. You set the number of seconds before your Welcome Ad or Video can be skipped.

Scrolling Promotional Banners

Upload promotional banners that scroll every few seconds. Website links can be added that direct to external links when selected.

Special Offers

Upload your Special Offers and Rewards. Customers select to redeem or learn more. Offers are removed automatically after the expiration date.

Information Section

Upload Class Schedules, Special Event details or any PDF document for customers to view on their mobile devices.

App Branding

Personalize the app with your facility logo and corporate colors.

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